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Don't miss your opportunity to Visit Florida's Tropical Rainforest.

Gene Joyner

Gene Joyner
Owner of Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens
Passed away December 24th


Eugene Albert Joyner

Eugene Joyner has had many awards and accomplishments over his 35 years as Palm Beach County's Urban Horticulturist

Writing in various local newspapers.

Lifetime member of many clubs and societies

Delivering short segments and presenting programs on our local TV station WPTV

Had spots on the radio (usually call-in type programs).

Led tours with Tom Economou overseas to Costa Rica and Guatemala, as well as other countries. These trips were some of his inspiration for his "Unbelievable Acres". Of all the countries he visited, Costa Rica was his favorite because of it's rainforests.

One of the highlights of each year was when the Palm Beach Chapter pf Rare Fruit Council International Inc. held it's Tropical Fruit Ice Cream Festival for its members at the Botanic gardens. This event was usually highlighted on WPTV, Channel 5.

Even after his Retirement in December 2007, Gene kept Busy

Enjoyed photo shoots several times with models at his Unbelievable Acres

A scene for a movie, produced in NY, was filmed at Unbelievable Acres

Had many photography classes each year with students from our local college.

Featured in a book (The author flew from Costa Rica to pose with Gene for a picture, to be used in the book}.

Invited to many numerous speaking engagements around the state.

Taught grafting classes and many other classes, which can now be found on YouTube.

Presented countless slide shows covering his trips to various countries to multiple clubs and organizations.

And of course...To be able to spend more time in his Beloved "Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens"

Unbelievable Acres Botanic Gardens located in West Palm Beach, Florida was designed and created by Gene Joyner.


As a young man Gene studied the Rainforests of South America and developed a desire to create his own rainforest.  He started collecting seeds and plants, keeping them in pots until the time came he could plant them .


After graduating from college in 1970, Gene purchased 2-1/2 acres  of pasture land  in West Palm Beach  from his father and began designing and slowly developing his rainforest.  He used fast-growing trees to create a wind barrier around the property to protect the cold-sensitive plants.  No plant was over 6 feet tall when planted. Over the years Gene made many trips to the rainforests to bring back seeds and plants to be added to the garden. (He had all the proper permits allowing him to import these items,) Contacts he made through  nurserymen and the Palm Beach Extension Service where he worked as an agent gave him sources to obtain many different species of tropical plants.


Unbelievable Acres Botanic Garden has a large collection of tropical foliage and flowering plants that are usually considered greenhouse plants because of their cold tenderness.  In the rainforest setting that Gene Joyner has developed over the years these plants can be grown outside like you would see them in the actual rainforest.


The tropical fruit section contains over 160 varieties of tropical fruits including 17 different Carambolas (Starfruit). He has many varieties of banana including Praying Hands, Saba, Monkeyfingers and Mysore Bananas. Some of the other tropical fruits found in the garden include Mamey Sapote, Canistel, Loquat, Lychee, Longan, Jaboticaba and Jak Fruit.

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